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DPT Modular 22LR Suppressor 3 Baffle - 70 grams
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DPT Modular 22LR Suppressor 3 Baffle - 70 grams


DPT is proud to release the new range of modular suppressors.

100% aluminium, bead blasted and anodized matte black.

This configuration has 3 baffle modules making it perfect for a 22LR or 17HM2 rifle. remove two baffles and it becomes a very short 22sub suppressor.

Only takes seconds to disassemble and clean.

30.8mm diameter.

with 3 baffle modules 106mm long, 70 grams
with 1 baffle modules 72mm long, 48 grams

Threads available:
1/2-20 UNF
1/2-28 UNEF

Additional baffles can be purchased, they are 11grams in weight and add 17mm to the total length of the suppressor.

Designed and cnc machined in New Zealand.